1. Composting Station OPEN for Business!

    Our neighborhood has a brand-new composting station, conveniently located one block off Nashville Avenue,
    at the corner of S. Johnson and Claiborne

    Let’s get it loaded up!
    Inline image 1
    Gather up any "soft" yard waste — leaves, grass, sand, soil, 
    pine straw, etc. – then drop off bagged items as shown above.
    You are also welcome to add directly to the pile
    Inline image 1
    Please DO NOT include any animal waste, woody stems, 
    kitchen scraps, vines, pine cones or noxious weeds.  Thanks!
    Let’s show the City that it’s better for yard waste to be 
    recycled into useful soil instead of tossed in a landfill 
    or blown into catch basins, causing clogged drains.
      - Tim G.
    P.S. Does your lawncare service leave bags curbside? 
            Let me know when, and I’ll be happy to pick ‘em up! 
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